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LMS Now that you know what is, time to take a look at the LMS types. Like utmost software, there is not just one type of LMS. In fact, when you begin to search for an learning management system to apply in your association, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices that live.

While all platforms have been designed for training, you ’ll find that some of them are more suitable for your literacy pretensions or assiduity than others.

Let’s break down and compare the main learning management system types to help you find out what would be the stylish fit for your business and training requirements.

Grounded on deployment model# 1

Pall LMSvs. Tone-hosted LMSvs. Private pall LMS

Pall- grounded learning management system

A cloud LMS is one that is made available for you by a third party, generally under a subscription model. Merchandisers make LMS features that cover a wide range of training requirements. But, if you want total inflexibility and the capability to make changes to the eLearning platform, you might want to look for a tone-hosted option.

The platoon that created your learning management system will take care of installation, updates, and garçon monitoring. Your pall provider might also offer free or paid backups, as well as colorful upgrade options.

Pall- grounded options generally come in numerous different categories, so you can pick the pricing, performance, and point combination that matches your requirements. Pall learning management system platforms are generally scalable, meaning that you can pick a pricing plan that meets your requirements now, and upgrade to a more advanced plan as you grow.

Tone-hosted LMS

A tone-hosted LMS platform (or locally- stationed) is principally a web operation, generally vended as a licensed product. You install and maintain the platform on your own garçon, which makes this learning management system option more secure.

You need to install a tone-hosted LMS on your own and be responsible for effects like backing up your data and streamlining the garçon software. You will also need to communicate the seller and renew your license after interpretation upgrades.

On the else side, this setup provides redundant inflexibility for integrating with your original structure as well as the option to alter its law to fit any special requirements you might have.

Private pall LMS

Half between the locally- stationed and pall options, you get a secure and private LMS terrain that does not partake coffers or law with other businesses, giving you the stylish possible performance and security.

Installation, monitoring, and updates are taken care of for you, while you retain direct access to your learning management system software to customize or integrate it with your other structure.

Grounded on deployment model# 2

Software as a Service (SaaS) LMSvs. Open- source LMS

Saas LMS

A cloud learning management system runs in a Software As A Service (or SaaS) model. This means that you choose your software provider, run a free trial if available, and also pick a pricing plan grounded on the features you need.

Utmost LMS software providers offer different pricing packages, so you can choose the bone that covers your requirements and not pay for features you wo n’t be using.

Free plans of paid LMSs are a good option if you have introductory training requirements. When your platoon scales and needs more sophisticated features, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Your learning management system will be hosted on the provider’s garçon, and you wo n’t need to install anything on your hard drive or computer.

You can rest assured that your learning management system seller takes care of data sequestration issues and software bugs.

Open- source LMS

An open- source learning management system, on the other hand, requires a devoted IT platoon, as you ’ll have to install, customize, and maintain the system on your own. You ’ll also need to modernize the system manually when demanded.

You have no licensing costs if you choose an open- source LMS, but you ’ll presumably have redundant costs down the road, as you ’ll need to integrate and maintain your system.

You can host an open- source learning management system on your company’s garçon, so you need to pay for that garçon and hire an internal or external IT platoon to customize and support your system.


Grounded on use case/ assiduity

Commercial learning management system vs. Education learning management system


Commercial LMS

Businesses generally conclude for a commercial learning management systems to train their workers, mates, guests, or all of them. This way, they keep training material, as well as learner data and progress, in one place.

Numerous commercial learning management systems offer white labeling, so companies can epitomize their platform by removing the seller’s totem and brand name and using their own rather.

Commercial learning management systems are generally point-rich in order to cover colorful training requirements, similar as

Onboarding training

Hand training

Client training

Compliance training

Remote pool training

Deals & Client support training

Education learning management system


Academic or education learning management systems are targeted to seminaries, sodalities, universities, or other educational institutions. Scholars log in and attend educator- led training (ILT) sessions or read online material. They also complete tests and get graded by their preceptors, all inside the same platform.

Content does n’t have to be streamlined that frequently as courses are listed in advance and organized in academy terms (e.g., semesters, trimesters, or diggings). This means that academic LMSs wo n’t offer frequent point and system upgrades.

Also, associations that pick an academic- grounded Learning Management System do n’t have numerous tech conditions, like integrations with other tools, but may need support as not all druggies will be tech- expertise.

While an education LMS is substantially designed for seminaries, a commercial association can still use it. Likewise, an educational institution may choose a commercial learning management system if that better fits its requirements.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to which learning management system software is a better companion to your literacy programs.

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